What would an exchange year be without all the friends you make? The friends that come from all over the world, that make you think once again about the country you grew up in, the language you’re speaking, and the behaviour you are used to so much … That’s why I want you to get to know the people I hang out with. This is Alice!

How I met Alice

I never would have met Alice if it wasn’t for Camille. Camille and Alice are studying Chemical Engineering together in Bordeaux, France. But other than Camille and I, Alice is studying at Ewha Woman’s University – which is right across the street. It takes less time to go to her dorm than to Yonsei Maingate from where I live. So Camille and Alice happen to hang out a lot – for studying, having lunch or waking up in the middle of the night to see the sunset. And since Alice is in Camille’s life, Alice joined us – right from the beginning.

The day she arrived in Seoul, she ignored her Jetlag and joined us for the whole day in Hongdae – I never could have done it!

Why Alice is the cutest

Born 1999 (and we’re all glad it’s not 2000!) Alice is the youngest in our group. So it’s not a surprise that she’s the one with the most energy: waking up early, going on a hike and then coming back to join us for the rest of the day. In addition to that, Alice is the most positive person. She always sees the good things in people, always tries to understand, never judges.  But most importantly, Alice is the one I can be embarrassing with: dancing wildly in drugstores and clothes shops, making weird faces and moves in the middle of the street, singing along in a quiet dark park – I’m gonna miss having her around for that.

When her parents were visiting, I got to meet them and I have to say: They were the best! We had lunch near Ewha University, talking a mix of French, Englisch and Korean.

Also, I encouraged her for cutting her hair. Searching for the best Korean haircut, I send her all of my ideas 🙂 And she did it! It suits her so well – it’s even weird to see her with long hair on these pictures I chose.

Alice is staying in Seoul for a whole year, so she’ll be there until Summer! I hope you’ll have some wonderful months with more incredible hikes and sunrises (: Eat some Tteokbokki for me! And take more incredible pictures with your hell a** phone camera! I’m so glad we met and I’m sure we’ll meet again very soon!